How It Works

1. Register to receive your free personal shipping address

Registration is free and there are no monthly membership fees. You will receive an email with a link to activate your account. Once registered you will also receive confirmation with all your SBD global personal addresses.

2. Start shopping online

Provide seller and/or online shops with your relevant SBD personal address. If you purchase items in the UK or any EU countries use your UK ShopBox address and similarly the addresses allocated for US, Asia or Australia transactions. You may place multiple packages in a single order. Advise us whether orders are to be combined or shipped separately.

3. Get notified once your package arrives at our depot

Shopboxdeliver will monitor all incoming items. You will receive an alert every time an item is received at the designated depot. ShopBoxDeliver will check the items and establish the correct weight and dimensions. Your order information will be updated accordingly. You will receive a confirmation email once your order is complete and ready to be shipped home. Log in to your account to make payment and we’ll fly your order over on the next available flight.

4. Manage your purchases

View your order in ShopBox Manager and request extra services. You will be able to ship individual items immediately or wait for further purchases to consolidate into one in order to save on shipping costs.
Request transit insurance cover.

5. Shipping and payment

Once all purchases are received and you have instructed ShopBoxDeliver to ship your order, you will receive a request for payment. Make easy payments using PayPal, Payfast. NB: Prior to final delivery, you will receive a separate invoice for any customs duties and/or VAT. All shipments are subject to customs clearance procedures and may attract import DUTIES and/or VAT depending on commodity and value. (see FAQ’s for more information)

6. Last mile delivery to the door

Once the items are cleared through SARS customs and all payments have been received, a notification email will advise you of the final delivery status. Use the tracking number, where provided, to monitor your items in transit. Thereafter, you should then receive your consignment within 1-2 working days.

Our Global SBD Personal Addresses Depo’s

United Kingdom

 Thorpe Industrial Park
Egham, Surrey
TW20 8RN



South Africa

Rocklands Road 
Three Anchor Bay
Cape Town, 8005