Greetings Global Shopper!

We are excited to announce our Black Friday promotion for 2020.

You now have the chance to shop for the best Black Friday deals from online stores in the USA and the United Kingdom.



  1. Register for your very own personal Global Mailbox Address – for free!

  2. Start shopping and get your packages delivered to your personal address at one of our SBD depo’s

  3. Notify us that your package is on the way by logging in and submitting a new order alert

  4. Save even more by ordering multiple items and grouping them into one SBD order

  5. Once your package arrives, we’ll let you know so that you can make payment and qualify for 25% off your Shipping Fee

Please note that all orders must be placed on ShopBoxDeliver by the 27th of November to ensure enough time for delivery (est. 4-5 working days).


We aim to have all orders delivered to you before Christmas! For any questions please contact or visit our FAQ’s page


Happy Shopping!